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Change City of Casper Ordinances regarding Animal Welfare and Safety

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The city of Casper Ordinances are very vague regarding animal welfare and safety. According to City of Casper Ordinances --"Proper shelter" means natural or artificial shelter appropriate to the local climatic conditions for the species concerned, as necessary for the health of the animal. This can literally mean a bush, porch etc. This  is unacceptable considering the Wyoming winters, and near unbearable temperatures we experience. Just think we as humans can get relief from these horrendous conditions. An animal cannot get relief from the weather unless provided shelter by their owners. They may be stuck out in it 24 hours a day and suffer horribly or even die. So with that being said, I would like to revise shelter requirements to --

  • "The shelter must have four walls and a roof, the interior should provide 36 square inches of floor space for every inch of the dogs/cats height, from the point of his/her shoulders to the ground. The shelter should be protected from the wind with the door facing east or south. The entrance should be off center so the dog/cat can curl up in the corner, protected from precipitation and drafts. Bedding must be provided in the protected inside corner. During cold weather, the entrance should be covered with a baffle or canvas. The shelter must be situated on a high, well drained location. It must have clean dry bedding at all times. The shelter can be constructed of a wide variety of materials. When finished the interior must allow the animal to sit, turn around, and lay down. The animal must be able to keep dry and warm on the inside and escape the rays of the sun/ and cold weather including any wind drafts. The surrounding are must be kept clean from feces, garbage and other debris. The shelter must not be built too large or it won’t allow the animal’s body heat to keep air surrounding him/her warm.
    The shelter requirements must be met within 24 hours of notice or the animal will be removed and cared for by Metro Animal Control, Humane Society or another Rescue, the Animal Control Facility deems fit.
    Any domesticated animal without the specific shelter requirements must be removed immediately when exposed to below freezing temperatures with wind chill factored in. The animal must be provided shelter, food, water and care by shelter staff. When and if the owner meets shelter requirements the animal will be returned.

 Also, domesticated animals can be tide up outside with what "City of Casper considers shelter" day an night in these horrible temperatures. Our City Ordinance does have a tethering law that states--The dog is not tethered more than ten hours in a twenty-four-hour period. Unfortunately this can not be enforced at this time, because it does not specify a required time for the dog to be UNTETHERD. I would like this to be revised to --

  • " The dog is not tethered for more than nine hours and must be removed from tether for NO LESS THAN 9 HOURS. The dog must have access to shelter that meets the requirements stated in revision of city ordinance 6.04.100. Upon a complaint the officer can note the time and return in 9 hours to observe that dog is untethered.

There are a few other Revisions regarding animal welfare and safety and those are up on the group Facebook Page "City of Casper Ordinance Revisions"  if you would like to review those prior to signing this petition.

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