Opposed to Cliffside, NC Incorporation!

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There is an ongoing effort by a small number of people to incorporate the community of Cliffside, NC.  This will affect every property owner in the Cliffside community.  Public services require large sums of money, which will primarily come directly from the property owners in the form of taxes and user fees.  The benefits of incorporation have not been made clear to the community.  There has been talk of increased law enforcement, street lights, zoning, and so on. No real specifics have been provided by those in favor of incorporation. The proposal has been long on vague promises and short on real facts. We believe this is an attempt to garner power and to benefit a small number of people at the expense of property owners in the area.

We are adamantly opposed to the higher taxes which will be used to benefit a small number of people.  There is not enough money to be able to afford services such as police protection, garbage collection, water and sewer, street lights, etc. without charging taxes and fees approaching or even exceeding the county tax rate of 60.7 cents per hundred in valuation. There are many in the affected area who are on fixed incomes and cannot afford to pay several hundred dollars per year more in taxes. 

There are far too many questions as to the benefits obtained by incorporating versus the high costs to taxpayers that are certain to come. The supposed benefits have been only vaguely described, with little real discussion of the hard facts of financing them. We therefore strenuously oppose any attempt to incorporate Cliffside, NC at this time.