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Save the Hollywood of Asia: Shaw Brothers Studio Lot (a.k.a. Movietown) !

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January 2014: Sir Run Run Shaw dies at 107 years old. He was the last remaining founder of the legendary Shaw Brothers Studio.

I walked all around the famous studio lot of Shaw Brothers in Clearwater Bay. This is the historical site where more than 1,000 movies were shot and / or made since its opening in 1961! I could feel the history and the cinema spirit in this very quiet area. It was sad and yet magical.
Everything looked quite abandoned, but there was indeed still something magical about this place where the SB logo is even marked on trash bins. No visitors are allowed so I haven't been able to visit the lot itself, which occupies 46 acres of land.

Now the problem is: no film shooting is happening anymore on what seems to be a gigantic site. More and more recent buildings are devouring the lot.
Some offices are leased to companies, and buildings for SB archives, but the land is mainly un-used.
Hong Kong being in constant search of land for its growing population, the site has been every now and then negotiated by promoters who want to turn it into a mere residential complex.  How boring, isn't it?

It is important to save and eventually restore the original Shaw Brothers Studio Lot as a historical, industrial, technical and artistic landmark.

The true, last and unique Hollywood of East Asia.

The site has been chosen for many reasons, the beautiful Clearwater Bay being of one them. Just like Hollywood, it offers a variety of sceneries, from mountains, land, to seafront views.

It is not only a vestige of state-of-the-art filmmaking, martial arts choreographies, but also a place of memory. (Can you imagine young Chow Yun-Fat smoking a cigarette between shots, sitting on some TV station TVB studios (adjacent to SB studios), timidly sharing his doubts of making it as an actor to fellow actors, where Cheng Pei-Pei used to step out at the balcony to hang her clothes dry years ago, all of this interrupted by Sir Run Run whose iconic Rolls Royce pulls up to say "Hello!" ?)

I mean, come on!  It cannot be always about money, it can also be about what changed our lives, what is part of us, what made us how we are now, what we grew up with...

I'm sure the site can be converted into a film museum with the studio preserved as such and guided tours.  Visitors from all over Asia and the world would pay to see it.  Examples of studios like Paramount, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures (ex-MGM) offering tours exist.  Of course, the offices and the backlots are still used today, but offices and the SB lot, and backlot can be still used for its variety of sceneries.

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