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Disband the WSU Chapter of College Republicans

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Earlier this week, Washington State University Student James Allsup resigned form his position as the WSU College Republicans president. This decision came after meeting with leadership members of the College Republicans National Committee, which explicitly condemned White Supremacy groups in the US after the events of this weekend. Allsup prominently advertised his involvement with the "Unite the Right" event, which included a speaking commitment and travel with noted White Supremacist Twitter personality Baked Alaska.

In an article published by The Daily Evergreen, WSU's student newspaper, it became clear that the WSU College Republicans has a major issue with its organizational culture, and that Allsup was only a symptom of a greater problem. To wit:
"I think they say absurd things because it makes people angry and gets Facebook Likes, that’s why we built a big Trump wall, because holding a boring old immigration debate wouldn’t make the news, but a Trump wall would.”
- Quote from Jacob Heinen, former VP of WSU College Republicans

More from the article, which can be found here:
"When asked if he thought Allsup was a white supremacist, Heinen said he does not believe that any of the members of WSUCR are white supremacists...

"'I’ve seen them make arguments that whites have a higher IQ than blacks, talking about how they’re pro-eugenics,' he said. 'I just think they say things to ride that fine line because they know people are going to show up and have a counterprotest against them, and they think it’s funny.'"

It is unbecoming, at best, for the College Republican National Committee to allow its standard to be borne by a group whose members knowingly and casually employ rhetoric created by White Supremacists, especially when it is made manifest through antisocial behavior disguised as political activism. Because of the imminent threat posed by the proliferation of White Supremacy and White Nationalism, We call on the College Republican National Committee to disavow the WSU College Republicans Chapter and call for its immediate disbandment.

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