Should Your Future Be Decided by a Test? NO! - Abolish the SAT- ACT

Should Your Future Be Decided by a Test? NO! - Abolish the SAT- ACT

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The SAT/ACT standardized testing system is biased and unfair, unnecessary and a waste of time for students who could be spending their time pursuing more valuable education opportunities rather than preparing for these tests.

On average, a New York city family will spend close to $20,000 on SAT prep.

This testing system does not provide an accurate description of a student’s academic abilities or portray the full picture and potential of a student; instead the tests judges a student on their test taking skills and ability to prepare for the test, rather than their full high school academic experience and other extracurricular accomplishments.

The testing system favoring students from higher income families, while hurting students from lower income families with less educational opportunities who do not have the same opportunities to prepare for these tests. SAT scores are highly correlated with income and students from educated families do better.

Colleges that do not rely on the SAT/ACT have a more diverse academic environment and their student’s success rates are the same as other colleges who rely on the use of these standardized tests in admission decisions. 

A landmark study that looked at over 122,000 student and alumni records over an 8-year period concluded that students who did not take/submit SAT/ACT scores in the college admission process were just as likely to succeed in college and had no significant differences in their cumulative GPAs and graduation rates. The study also showed that colleges who did not rely on SAT/ACT scores for admission had greater diversity. The study further concluded that the SAT/ACT help continue social inequalities.

A report sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of Education from 2016 which was endorsed by more than 80 colleges and universities concluded that standardized testing should be optional and de-emphasized, in college admissions.

The reported value of the standardized testing market is anywhere between $400 million and $700 million. Economic factors are the motivating force keeping the standard testing industry going. The true motivation behind the use standardized testing is economic factors rather than the usefulness of the test.

It is a deception for schools and colleges to promote studying for a test which is a waste of time and money, unnecessary and unfair. Join the movement to abolish the SAT/ACT; students should be judged on their hard work, personal accomplishments and potential to succeed in the future not an unfair standardized test!

Let’s send a message to the universities, that we are aware of what is going on and that the time for change is now.

Please sign and share this petition with everyone you know. Nobody’s future should be based on a standardized test.