Designate the Kangaroo Crossing as the official symbol of Clintonville

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On March 12th, 2017 the city of Columbus, Ohio removed the neighborhood of Clintonville's beloved Kangaroo Crossing sign after nearly four years of gracing Clinton Heights Ave. Originally installed by a neighbor to replace a construction sign left by the city well after their work was complete, the sign become a part of the lore and heritage of the community. 

The sign's removal caused the residents of Clintonville to band together to voice their outrage and frustration that the city of Columbus would remove something enjoyed by many that was installed years before to correct their mistake in a humorous and good-natured way. Both professionally and handmade Kangaroo Crossing signs are popping up in yards, storefronts, and cars all over neighborhood to show that we collectively have a say in what is and isn't allowed to adorn the streets of Clintonville.

This petition is to garner support for the Kangaroo Crossing to be deemed the official symbol of Clintonville. In a week's time, the Kangaroo Crossing design has become a  symbol of civic engagement, creative problem-solving, local government bureaucracy, and perseverance within our neighborhood. The story of the sign has made local and national headlines (The Columbus Dispatch, NPR, USA Today) and inspired a level of participation in the community that would be a missed opportunity to not harness in a positive fashion. 

We as members of Clintonville request that the Kangaroo Crossing design be officially recognized as the symbol of our community.