Stop wasting tax dollars on unnatural, aggressive methods to chase wildlife away.

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In 1832 Stratford was founded on the banks of the river Avon, no doubt that for almost 200 years this river has been a haven for all types of birds and river creatures including marvellous trees. We have all enjoyed the visual delight of watching Canada geese with their young by the river as we enjoy our favorite walks. Now it seems that something highly unnatural is happening in the form of drones, lasers and dogs chasing these birds away leaving us with an eerie silence and absence of life, something definitely missing. As there is a concern of E.coli and geese being a nuisance after 187 years of them and their ancestors being there, it makes me wonder why we would want the unnatural root of destroying the balance of nature that has always been here. Revised figures in regards to costs of cleaning pathways: The city politicians have confirmed and estimated based on last years figures it potentially could result in a savings of $13,450 annually to clean pathways etc. (*More info provided below)   however incurring $32,000 to drive wildlife away if still substantial. The geese will return as they are imprinted to be here after generations of geese have been around for over a hundred years. The E.coli should be a separate issue to address as it would have always been present. There are better ways to spend taxpayer’s money other than using aggressive methods that change the whole atmosphere of our river area. We need to work with nature not against it.

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Note: I recently read the August 2016 report for the Vancouver park board and city of Vancouver "Understanding and Managing Resident Canada Geese" an insightful resource to help people decide their stance on this issue. I am trying to obtain similar from the Parks Department for Stratford. I have seen many lower cost alternatives which have pros and cons including solar units that cover 3.5 acres and automatically operate at night and recharge during the day. E.coli contamination is more of an issue for us because we have a smaller body of water, but it has always been present. Some of the beaches, cities have had no other option but to use drones and dogs which is understandable, however in the majority of the water tests there after they found the water fowl contamination levels had not changed at all and mostly human contamination showed the highest levels. Which is interesting.

Other information confirmed-
*Paths in 2019 will be swept from Mid April- Oct 31st. 121 weekdays @ $100 a day labour and equipment (based on 2 hours) = $12,100 23 Saturdays X $150 = $3450.00 23 Sundays X $200 = $4600 Approx cost = $20150.00 Once we go back to 3 times a week we would save around $13450.00 a year.