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Ban overnight camping in Malibu's Corral Canyon and high risk fire areas

Please stand with us in saying NO to risking public safety! Allowing overnight camping in Corral Canyon or any other high-risk fire area is not in the best interest of public safety. The combination of extremely dry brush conditions and strong, gusty winds creates the perfect environment for easily ignitable and fast moving wild fires as is evidenced by the 2007 Corral Canyon blaze, started by campers during the night, that destroyed 53 homes, burned 5000 acres and destroyed innumerable structures, pets and personal property. Residents were very lucky to get out with their lives! For any group to allow camping in known high-risk fire areas would be irresponsible from both a civic and a liability position. Please stand with us in saying NO. Your voice today could save lives tomorrow.

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  • The City of Malibu and The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

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