We need speed humps, to many animals are dying soon it will be a child

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On March 16 my cat was hit by a car, since than 5 other cats have been hit. people are going way to fast IN A SCHOOL ZONE. There are a lot of kids who do not look before crossing the street,yes I understand it is the parents responsibility to teach the child that, but these people are going way to fast to stop if a child was to run out, they whip around that corner like idiots and don’t watch what they are doing. I was hit by a car on the next street 8-9 years ago we asked for speed humps then we got everyone in the area to sign a petition and nothing was done it’s only so long before a child gets hit and does NOT live, and that’s not when something should be done. Please consider what I am saying and think of all the lives at risk animals and humans. We need to try to make are city better even if we start one street at a time.Thank you.