Petition to investigate and audit animal control services

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Hampton VA

We request the city attorney Mrs. Cheran ,The city Manager /Mary Bunting, The Cheif of police of Hampton /Chief Sult, The honrary city council members and any other authority overseeing the Hampton Animal Control department open an investigation and audit regarding the current Animal Control operation in Hampton city VA.

Several documented cases have made it apparent that the level of responsiveness and effectiveness is lacking, resulting in animal fatalities, neighbors in danger, and a general state of chaos.

We request that response time frames for dispatch be established and measured, adequate staffing is in place for weekend shifts (it has been communicated not enough staff as an ongoing issue or reason for lack of responses to emergencies and follow ups ) and that AC and the Police Dept. are transparent about the way our domestic animals are being handled in our county.

For information on animal fatalities as a result of AC ineffectiveness I will be adding links to view. As well as links in the media.

Please sign to investigate and audit AnimalControlnow.

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