Enough of the "Symbolism" Its time for a Realistic Statue to Honor Dr. King!

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We The People will kick off a petition drive, Monday January 15, 2018, Dr. King National Holiday. It will be held in front of the Black Head in MLK Park, at 10:00 am.  We are calling for the removal of the current Dr. Martin Luther King Jr "statue" in MLK Park, replacing it with an enlarge life size identical replica of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our very legitimate criticism of the distorted image on exhibit arises out of the fact that it not only fails to exhibit any of the physical features of The Reverend, but it also suggests an insulting stereotype. We seek " realism " and the opportunity to be able to recognize this great American, up close and afar. It"s critically important for our children and for future generations to be able to do so as well! Join the coalition to save MLK Park, in Correcting a Wrong!