STOP the Development of Stonewall Gardens

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The proposed development of "Stonewall Gardens" would build 5 houses on
Westfield's only green space, a lot that is bordered by Royston Ave.,
Christopher Ave, Eunice Ave and Burgess Ave. We have been told that the Planning Commission is likely to approve the development. The Planning Commission and the Mayor's Office need to hear voices from the community, to understand how negatively this development would affect our community. Most of Westfield's residents value the many benefits of this forested area for our community, and would not like to see it developed. Residents have voiced numerous concerns:

Five new houses seem unnecessary in a residential area that contains many existing empty homes, and in a neighborhood that has no existing community park. Such a development runs counter to the City of Baltimore's Green Spaces initiative, which aims to increase the number of trees and pocket parks, to improve the quality of life for city residents. There are also concerns about the widening and lengthening of streets (Royston, for example, would be lengthened into a cul-de-sac), and the effect of increased traffic and changed traffic patterns. Neighboring streets have no sidewalks, and parents are troubled about how traffic changes would put children at risk. Will fire trucks be able to access such a densely developed area, and how would trash disposal be handled?

The land proposed for development is a forested area with wildlife (foxes,
groundhogs, rabbits, frogs, etc.), native plants and an underground stream.
Disturbance of groundwater may cause neighboring residences to experience
basement flooding. Attempting to contain an underground stream undoubtedly DOES have an impact on Baltimore's dated water pipes. Furthermore, the proposed development would actually pave over the historic Christopher Family Graveyard, in which members of the original farming family who owned the land upon which Westfield is built, are currently buried. Finally,  the developer, Ellicot City resident, Jeffery Stonewall Jackson, would name the proposed development after his own namesake, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. Many feel that paying homage to a confederate general is ill-suited to the character and vision of our lovely multi-cultural community.

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