To build a skateboard park in Montclair, New Jersey

To build a skateboard park in Montclair, New Jersey

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The township of Montclair needs a skatepark. With other sports being represented such as basketball courts and tennis courts, skateboarders have nowhere safe in Montclair where we can practice our sport.

With the rising acceptance of skateboarding worldwide, the sport is becoming more popular than ever before.  In fact, skateboarding is being introduced into the 2020 Summer Olympics for the first time in history.

It is time for Montclair to designate an area for the sport of skateboarding.

Some benefits of having a skateparks:

Reduces illicit behavior
Provides a safe environment for skateboarding
Reduces damage to private property
Has significant physical health benefits such as a cardio workout, core and leg strength, and increased balance
Significantly improves mental health and brain function.
Having a positive economic impact

Our main obstacle is that the Township of Montclair does not offer a specified area that allows skateboarding. Therefore, we find ourselves being kicked out of most places we go to skate and at odds with local residents, shop owners, and police.

By organizing a safe and fun place for aspiring skateboarders, we can avoid being labelled as criminals or delinquants for the sole reason of having nowhere to practice our sport.

Please sign this petition if you support the building of a skatepark in Montclair.