To investigate hiring mental health workers to work with Sarnia Police

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To:  Sarnia Police Service Board

From:  The Citizens of Sarnia

We are signing this petition today to show our support for the Sarnia Police Service Board to investigate the feasibility of having community mental health workers attend to calls with the Sarnia Police that involve a person in a mental crisis or an  addiction crisis. 

Other communities in the province have done this and how it has diverted 75 to 80 percent of calls away from the hospital, has helped get to the bottom of the issue that has led to the 911 call.  The problem with mental health or addiction calls is that these people are in need of some sort or care and when care cannot be accessed where a person needs it, they end up in the hospital, jail or sometimes even worse.

The provincial and federal government are earmarking mental health dollars to police and first responders and it may be worth investigating if hiring mental health workers may be the best way to use this funding.

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