Ban Vegeta from ChillZone

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Over the past few months within the ChillZone Discord server, Vegeta has served as a bot commander due to favouritism from the owner, Chris. I (Delta), as well as many others, have seen Vegeta's power be used in the wrong way. Due to his position of power, he is allowed to say things that I and many others would get punished for and when something does not go his way, he complains about it in chat. 

He is responsible for exposing many of CZ's most popular members including Lindsay, Memph and others which is part of the reason for their leave. 

Not only staff members are favouriting him for his unjustified actions, he also favours people himself for their actions. The simple thing to do would be to make the Bot Commander role, harder to obtain but the better thing to do would be to ban him altogether and start fresh without a toxic influence within the server. 

Without Vegeta in the server, it will:

1. Give a new start to the bot commander role.

2. Boost activity due to less favouritism and more caring staff.

3. Change the staff roles and who is considered as a staff member. .

4. Influence the future decisions of staff members within ChillZone. 

This is coming from a server member looking at the situation as an outsider and not as a victim. I was close friends with many of the members but his actions are not to be justified.