Transparency in the administration of the New Apostolic Church, Zambia, Malawi & Zimbabwe

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Dear Chief Apostle, Jean Luc Schneider, Leader of the New Apostolic Church International,

For the sake of a peaceful, transparent and trusted process that will inspire growth of the NAC in the district of Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, you are with due respect requested to reconsider the appointment of the new District Apostle as indicated in the circular No. 001-001-001-/2019 that was read in all congregations on Sunday, 28th of April, 2019, and find space to listen to the grievances being expressed by the general members of the family of God's children that is under your able leadership.

We wish to state that our criticism is similarly brought about by the love for the work of God. Criticism is part of growth and through alternative views come solutions. We are of the view that every member of the church, insignificant as they be, have right to actively participate in the affairs of the church. When alternative views are brought forth about what is perceived not to right, members should not be quiet shut out. Permitting acts of apparent injustices and lack of transparency to prevail in the family of godliness is setting ourselves for failure in the face of values we represent in the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church where every member must feel at home.

We trust that you will be able to uphold the true nature of the values and principles that the New Apostolic Church in the world and in the district in particular has been known for, values of transparent leadership, love, peace and justice.

The Appointment as new District Apostle, of District Apostle Helper Kububa Soko should be rescinded because it has brought division, anger, and resentment in the church. A number of aggrieved members of the church in the district are crying out silently, a situation that is not desirable. 

We look forward to your listening ear and timely decision in the quest to make all members of the church in the district feel at home.