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The CAA is a Zionist Bully

Tony Greenstein
Brighton, United Kingdom

Mar 17, 2017 — Jim Henry wrote that 'I don't like bullies. It is outrageous that this organisation is dignified with the title charity when their main raisin d'etre is to smear anyone who disagrees with Israel's persecution of the Palestinians as anti-Semitic.'

The Charity Commission, which has been busy intimidating student unions over Israel Apartheid week is trying to avoid tackling the issue of this bogus charity.

Having now reached over 1,500 let's get the number of signatures up to 2,000.

Below is a photograph of the real Israeli heroes. Two young Israeli women (the two Tamars) who have been imprisoned for over 100 days each for refusing to serve in Israel's army of occupation. To the CAA they are traitors, not real Jews.


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