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Stop using BPA lining in your coconut milk and cream cans

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People across Australia are concerned about the effects of BPA on them and their families in the many forms it presents itself in modern life. AYAM is a much loved brand that myself and many other wholefood, anti-additive writers and bloggers have recommended over the years, thinking it was BPA free due to no visible white plastic lining. Sadly this is not the case and today I've had to retract my recommendation of what I still believe, to be a beautiful quality product - additive and GM free, two things extremely important to the conscious food movement. While the research is inconclusive about whether there are indeed any 'safe' levels when it comes to BPA, given it is a known endocrine system diruptor, I will have to cease using and recommending your product. 

I understand that your product tests lower than the maximum 'safe' amount as recommended by the EU directive, but we are now 10 years on, and there is much research to suggest as I said above, that no level is safe when it comes to endocrine disruption. 

What I would love as a result of this petition, is to start a dialogue and establish a time line with my community and others' as to when we will be able to enjoy our AYAM coconut milk and cream once again, BPA free. 

Many thanks and I truly look forward to discussing this with you and achieving a BPA free outcome for Aussie families and returning to AYAM once again. 

Alexx Stuart

Author, Health Advocate. 

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