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Peace and justice for all people from Libya.

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United Nations
International Law Commission

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We, the people from all world, are deeply concerned about developments in Libya, respectively about the military aggression against that sovereign State. We feel this way for these reasons:

1. A sovereign and prosperous state is being destroyed.
2. We are experiencing another failure of the UN as the guarantor of international law.

That is why we feel it is necessary to receive clear answers to the following questions:
What constitutive meaning within international law do the terms “international community” and “coalition of the willing” have? What kind of legal relation is there between these terms? Are they subjects of international law or does the term “international community” mean mankind as a whole? And isn’t the “coalition of the willing” nothing more than an interest group, a military “joint venture” constructed to achieve political goals without any legal responsibility? And last, but not least: what kind of legal relation exists between them and NATO?
Has the UN established a framework law for setting up this so-called “coalition of the willing”? Isn’t the building of this ad hoc military coalition in contradiction to international law?
Is there legal “feedback” from the military coalition to the UN, respectively was there consultation with the United Nations during the military action? And what legal sanctions could be used in the event of going over to the UN’s mandate?
What kind of legal procedure enables the delegation of command of the military action of the “international community” or the so-called “coalition of the willing” to NATO? Does “the international community” mean NATO?
It is evident, that “the coalition of the willing” is not protecting civilians, but it is pursuing as the goal of the operation the overthrow of the Libyan Government and a change of the political system by force as well. This is in contradiction to both international law and UN Security Council Resolution 1973.
In addition to this NATO and the USA have rejected in coalition with the “rebels” all offers to negotiate for armistice and a peaceful solution, among other things the activities and proposals of the African Union (AU). And now the USA has rejected the Libyan Government’s proposal to hold free elections under UN observation.
Is the UN still in the position of peacemaker or is it going to legitimize NATO’s war on Libya? And is the USA an official part of the Libyan civil war?
Who is protecting the “other” civilians that are not in “coalition” with the rebels? The “international community” has been usurped by NATO which is fighting for the rebels. Who bears the moral and legal responsibility for the deaths of civilians killed by the rebels and NATO’s bombs? The UN, or the members of “the coalition of the willing”?
Is NATO beyond international law?

Ladies and gentlemen,
A great part of mankind shares these questions and is anxious about the destiny of Libya, the world and international law. International law is an achievement of civilization giving us the rule of law, not the law of jungle. That is why we call for:
The immediate and unconditional stop all of NATO military activities in Libya.
The authorization of the African Union to form a negotiating mission to Libya.
The development of an independent UN commission that would investigate the role
of NATO, respectively the members of “the coalition of the willing”, in the Libyan civil war.

Long live sovereignty, democracy, law and peace!

On behalf of these organizations, groups, initiatives and the individuals:

Association of Community Organisations for social Reforms Now (ACORN Czech Republic)
Peace Forum (CPF)
The Patriotic Association of Antifascists (PAAf)
Group of Bulletin.EIT (CSGB.EIT)

The Authenticity of the latter guaranteed by:
Vladimíra Leva (CPF), Josef Liska (PAAf), Petr Schnur / Jan Tesar (CSGB.EIT), Michal Ulvr (ACORN.CR)

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