Stop the killing of Horses for meat that is sold to forgein countries

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I own a horse and have been around alot of horses,my is a therapeutic horse for my mental health. Just look into a horse's eyes and you will see a gentle soul ,who pick up on your feeling, just watch children/adults the suffer from physical or mental handicaps beeing put on a horse for therapeutic riding, it is amazing to watch.

Horses in our Country are not to be used for meat, I have seen video of horses stading in pens waiting to be slaughtered for meat to be sold to foreign countries. These are healthy horses and to see this happen breaks your heart. The US. ALREADY HAS BANNED THIS WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN IN OUR COUNTRY.

If you own a horse or watch the Olympicians in the Equestrain event or love horses or feel this is not right that horses are being killed for meat and want to stop this practise, please add your name to this petition.

Horses our beautiful, graceful,strong and gentle they do so much in so many peoples life's. They are NOT MEAT to some foreign country. Please help be signing this petition and let our Governent know this has to stop