Produce sustainable post-Brexit models for customs and immigration legislation

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We demand: Produce sustainable post-Brexit models for customs and immigration legislation

Less than a year is left till the planned withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. However, incumbent UK government hasn't offered any viable law-change option concerning customs and immigration office activity. Those projects pushed by Teresa May like the "max fac" border option and the "customs partnership" could become approved modus agendi just as a result of highly dismissive attitude towards such a watershed in the history of our country as Brexit.

As early as October 2017, an annual report by the National Audit Office predicted a disastrous situation at British and European borders after 29 March 2019 caused by Brexit changes. It will come together with more than twice increased complexity of customs and immigration officials' work.

According to experts, the option of laws modification in general proposed by the UK government will lead to:

- enormous financial outlay for the British business linked to delays and losses of production, and price surge for consumers owing to extra bureaucracy at the borders;
- the considerable growing work complexity of the immigration and customs officials;
- chaos at the British borders and critical disruptions of the key international transport hubs, such as air terminals, railroad stations and Eurotunnel, which leads to fining service personnel.

However, warnings by MP Meg Hillier, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, and Jon Thompson, the head of HM Revenue and Customs, don't affect the Ms. May's position, neither do voices of the Channel tunnel operator.

As a consequence of all said above, we will be forced to close customs office of entry, including Eurotunnel. We've also enlisted support of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers.

This is why we file a request with the Teresa May's government to abandon recent abortive drafts and to produce sufficient options for customs and immigration post-Brexit legislation addressing the interests of all sides, along with a well-defined plan of painless transition to start after the "exit day" timed 29 March 2019. We also call on representatives of other TUC and GFTU members to join our request.

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The joint group of the Association of Revenue and Customs and Immigration Service Union members.