Sajid Javid removing citizenships makes us all less British. This must stop!

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The Home Office has been removing the citizenships of people it deems ‘not conducive to the public good’ for over a decade - but this racist, abusive policy has accelerated, and now it must end.

Such broad requirements mean your country of birth can abandon you if the Home Secretary takes a disliking to you.

But this policy is not about ISIS. It’s just using it as an excuse to strip our rights away, to make those of us with parents of another background, second-class citizens even though we are born here.

There is no better evidence of this than the story of aid worker Tox Sharif, told to the BBC yesterday. As Tox said, what makes this even worse is that when your citizenship is taken away, you can’t even defend yourself  or challenge the decision, because the evidence against you is is all secret.

This policy is wrong on so many levels. This why we’re calling for its end.