Free the innocent Lynda Thyer from a French prison

Free the innocent Lynda Thyer from a French prison

7 October 2019
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Started by David Noakes

The innocent Lynda Thyer is now in a French prison, Fleury-Mérogis. Its the largest prison in Europe built for 2,855 prisoners, it contains 4,500; French prisons are amongst the worst in the EU.

Lynda Thyer, a biomedical scientist under Professor Marco Ruggiero MD, was saving lives with GcMAF, a safe natural human protein, and therefore a human right, that treats 75% of terminal stage 4 cancer patients successfully.

If used in the NHS it will save 120,000 lives a year. It has negligible or no side effects, and is 1% the cost of chemotherapy.

GcMAF was discovered in the human body in the 1980's, and concealed for 25 years; it now has 300 scientists, 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers, half re-published on the American National Library of Medicine, 350 doctors, 9,000 successful patients behind it, and 400,000 followers on

The MHRA and OCLAESP, who are controlled by the pharmaceutical corporations,  are determined to continue to stop its use. They are protecting the super profits of chemical drugs like chemotherapy, which are sold for 100 times what they cost.

Although the MHRA admits Lynda is innocent, they contacted OCLAESP in France, and illegally asked them to issue a European Arrest Warrant for Lynda and David Noakes, which has the effect of doubling their sentences, to keep GcMAF hidden for another 25 years.

In an abuse of the EAW, French Judge Jean-Luc Gadaud invented 9 false charges against David Noakes out of his own imagination, and then copied them to Lynda Thyer, word for word, even including David's case number. David was the CEO; Lynda was treating patients; their roles couldn't have been more different. Neither Lynda nor David had anything to do with GcMAF in France.

Lynda met three corrupt English judges, Judge Rebecca Crane, Judge Sir Michael Supperstone, and Judge Michal Cox, who forced her to be extradited under a EU Arrest Warrant, even though they knew she was innocent.

The full story is on; the GcMAF website is, and see youtube, search "Teri Davis Newman", and also search “Ian R Crane”

Pharmaceutical corporations make $200 billion out of the poison of chemotherapy (£40,000 a round), and the MHRA and OCLAESP are protecting these ­super profits at the expense of 120,000 English and French lives a year.

This is not only an abuse of the European Arrest Warrant, its an abuse of English and French law.

Lynda Thyer has been in French prison since the 8th August 2019; she's on hunger strike and has lost a stone. Prisoners cry out at their mistreatment, cries of anguish and tears. Her address is Thyer Lynda  452710  3R08, MAF de Fleury Merogis Prison, 9 Ave des Peupliers,
 91705 Saint Genevieve de Bois
, France

Can you please help free Lynda Thyer so she can go back to her passion, which is saving lives? Please give this to any government minister and ask them to free Lynda Thyer.

Thank you. David Noakes 0755 4141 765

Dominic Raab at,, Priti Patel Home Secretary

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Signatures: 541Next Goal: 1,000
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