Ban the artificial sweetener Aspartame in ALL drinks in throughout the UK.

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I am posting this petition on this website as I believe that Aspartame is not a good substance and is much more unhealthy than the natural ingredient found in most drinks which is sugar.  Yes, I agree, sugar is also a bad substance which causes tooth decay and many more problems, but Aspartame I believe is a lot worse.  Aspartame causes many problems such as cancer, seizures, headaches, and depression, and along with this, Aspartame is found in most diet drinks, such as Diet Coke, Pepsi, Lucozade, and may now even possibly be in the Scottish' favourite, IRN BRU.  America banned Aspartame for most of it's diet drinks, so why can't they ban it in the UK?  The sugar tax may also have something to do with it as they are now replacing the sugar with Aspartame.  They could use more natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, which is an all natural and zero calorie alternative to Aspartame.  Just think, Aspartame is found in the drinks that you are giving to your children, such as Fruit Shoots, Capri Suns and home brand supermarket squash.  Sign this petition now so we can get Aspartame banned from drinks.  When signed, please forward this petition via social media, telephone contacts, emails, etc to all your friends and family so they can also sign.