IELTS over 7.0, PTE over 70 and TOEFL over 100 deserve lifetime validity

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First of all, the 2-year validity of these English tests is ridiculous and is basically a money-making scheme. Secondly, it perpetuates the notion that the English language skills of test-takers from non-English-speaking countries deteriorate within 2 years of taking the test. Finally, as English is predominantly a universal operational language in an increasingly globalised world, and is even taught in non-English-speaking countries from the nursery/kindergarten level, these tests are maintaining stereotypes that the English taught in non-English-speaking countries is somehow different from what is being taught in English-speaking countries. Essentially, it is discriminating against non-native English speakers all over the world; non-native speakers would know that they work twice as hard to achieve the fluency needed, and oftentimes, end up with native-level fluency. This can be demonstrated through our expanded vocabulary and intimate knowledge of the nitty-gritty, such as grammar and diction. We may speak English with a foreign accent, but that just serves to illustrate our multi-lingual background.

1) IELTS: Overall scores of 7.0 (out of 9.0) and above are actually fluent at a native or close to native level. These test scorers deserve lifetime validity. For scores below 7.0, the validity should be 5 years, allowing more than enough time between tests to increase fluency levels.
2) PTE: Overall scores of 70 (out of 90) deserve lifetime validity. For scores below 70, the validity should be 5 years.
3) TOEFL: Overall scores of 100 (out of 120) deserve lifetime validity. For scores below 100, the validity should be 5 years.

My family and I had to write the IELTS repeatedly within a span of 7 years for various situations all because we come from a non-native English-speaking country and because these tests scores only last a measly 2 years. Never mind the fact that we were educated in English schools, scored high in English language and literature subjects (if you ask any migrant or non-native, we can guarantee we work harder because we are driven to achieve native fluency), and lived in countries where although English wasn't the ONLY official language, it was one of MANY official languages. Not only do these tests degrade the worth of our skills (multi-lingual, multi-cultural, varied professional skills), they are a massive drain on our time (testing practically lasts a whole day) and hard-earned money (A$340).