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Remove The Brady Campaign’s ‘Zero Minutes of Fame’ Video From Circulation

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Remove The Brady Campaign’s ‘Zero Minutes of Fame’ Video From Circulation

Join gun violence victims, survivors, their families and friends in calling for the removal of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s hypocritical new “Zero Minutes of Fame” video which is causing more suffering by spotlighting mass murderers.

Brady’s new "Zero Minutes of Fame" Chrome plug-in claims to help prevent mass shooters from gaining fame by blocking their names and faces from users who voluntarily download the plug-in. However, the video features the faces of those same fame-seeking mass shooters repeatedly while an announcer intones their names. The video shows photos of numerous shooting victims, and ends with a montage of 16 of their killers’ faces.

This “Zero Minutes of Fame” campaign sets us all back. It demonstrates poor judgment and a lack of empathy for victims of gun violence for whom seeing mass murderer’s faces and hearing their names repeatedly prompts PTSD symptoms. This is something that Brady President Dan Gross should already know.

In addition, the Brady Campaign video misspells the name of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim Daniel Barden, who died in the 2012 massacre at age 7, along with 19 other children and six adults. It misidentifies two other Sandy Hook victims by showing the name of 6-year-old Caroline Previdi over the photo of 6-year-old Allison Wyatt. We also understand that the Brady Campaign did not receive permission to use the photos of any of these victims. Brady also clearly uses this video to build their mailing list in order to solicit financial contributions without permission.

This is an unethical ploy to raise money while giving a false promise of lessening mass shooters’ notoriety all while actually making them even more famous. This campaign re-victimizes members of the gun violence prevention community.

We have a great respect for the legacy of James and Sarah Brady and because of that we are asking that leadership of the Brady Campaign be held fully accountable.

This is not the first time that Brady, under Gross’ leadership, has shown insensitivity by misusing photos of gun violence victims (without their families’ permission) in order to solicit donations. In December 2014, Brady sent out a direct mail fundraising package that used the photos of the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook in Newton, CT without requesting permission from the children’s families. When a grieving mother contacted Brady about this, Dan Gross personally promised her and the other Newtown families that Brady would never again use any victims’ images without their families’ consent.

That promise was broken with this video which has re-victimized mass shooting victims. We ask that the Brady Campaign board act swiftly to take down the deeply offensive, harmful, and inaccurate video and hold its top leadership accountable.

Please sign the petition and tell the Brady Board that we stand together on this issue: Brady Board Chair Kevin Quinn and Brady Board Secretary Heidi Yewman


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