Keep North Bay!

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North Bay is a week long trip for 6th graders all across the county.  North Bay has become one of the most important educational hallmarks of students' 6th grade year.  The lessons they learn and the friendships they develop stay with them for years to come. The mission of North Bay states" to challenge middle school students to realize that their attitudes and actions have a lasting impact on their future, the environment and the people around them by using Common Core and Next Generation Science standards, character development, and the outdoors as an integrating context."

The North Bay trip is jeopardy.  The QA leadership has proposed slashing the trip to 2 nights rather than 4 and moving it to November.  The trip would still cost nearly the same to parents, but would be drastically reduced in length and impact for students.  These QA leaders care more about the number of testing days than they do about real learning and growth opportunities for our children. 

We must act now if we want to keep the North Bay trip intact. Please sign the petition and forward to all parents throughout our school system.