Remove First Service Residential as management company for the Overlook at Carriage Hill

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We, the undersigned community members of the Overlook at Carriage Hill (TOACH), formally request the removal of FirstService Residential Midatlantic, LLC (FSR) as the managing agent and property manager for our community for the following reasons.  These reasons are pursuant to the Community Association Management Agreement.  

  1. section 3.10 (Communications) - FSR has consistently failed to respond to community members' inquiries and complaints submitted by phone, email, and via the FSRconnect website.
  2. section 3.10 (Communications) - FSR is condescending, rude, and unprofessional when speaking on the phone with community members.
  3. section 3.10 (Communications) - FSR has not posted meeting minutes for ALL  Board meetings and Committee meetings as required by the governing documents of the association.
  4. section 3.10 (Communications) - FSR does not communicate with new members regarding Association information.
  5. section 3.13 (Record Keeping) - FSR has failed to properly manage ALL association forms and documents and maintain accurate dates of the information.
  6. section 3.07 (Rules and Regulations and billing) - FSR sends out frivolous violation letters not in full accordance with the Rules and Regulations of TOACH governing documents.  
  7. section 3.02 (Fiscal Management) - FSR does not accurately process dues payments on the correct date leading to incurred late charges to community members.  

These are not the actions of a professional organization.  This community pays over $75,000 each year to FSR to provide services to enhance our living experience, not add more stress.  We are now on our second community manager with FSR.  The communication has only gotten worse and because of this, frustrations within the community are mounting. Community members wait weeks or months for a response to inquiries...and sometimes receive no response at all.  Information is post dated on the FSRconnect website to give the appearance of keeping the community up to date.  Letters to community members have also been post dated.  Forms, emails, and letters have been mishandled or lost by FSR.  We need a property management company who will consistently communicate and respond to community members, be flexible and understanding when surveying the community for violations that may effect others, and process information accurately.


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