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Petitioning The Board of Directors of the Saratoga Springs City Center

Do not cancel the gun show scheduled for January 11-13

The sudden knee-jerk need to ban a perceived threat by the uninformed, ignorant few who have no understanding of what they want banned will have wide spread repercussions against the constitutional rights of our children and their children. If you stand against the right to own firearms, please be well informed about what you stand against. A Saratoga soccer mom with half-baked concepts of firearms and gun control has started a petition to try and ban the upcoming gun show in the city of Saratoga Springs.She believes that stopping this show will prevent firearms from existing in the city of Saratoga Springs. Gun show or not, firearms are available at no less than 15 stores within 25 minutes of the city. Please stand with me to support our gun rights and gun shows.

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  • The Board of Directors of the Saratoga Springs City Center

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