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As you know, The Blue School Wells is having a change in uniform. Almost all of the students disagree with this change in uniform and would much rather stay as is. Students have been asked to partake in a questionnaire about which aspects of the uniform they prefer. One aspect which isn’t variable, though, is having pin striped trousers/skirts. Students like us appreciate that a change in uniform may be needed but really want more of a say in what we have to wear for our next years at the school. The fact that pin striped trousers and skirts were already confirmed without considering how any of the pupils feel about how they look really is something that should’ve been discussed more fully with parents and students alike. As much as some people may disagree, pin striped clothing really is rather outdated and should not be a part of the uniform if the school wants to come across as what the school motto portrays it as- “the best we can achieve.” Having a uniform that is disliked by those who are made to wear it really doesn’t create an enjoyable atmosphere for both the staff and students who attend the school; which in turn could result in a worse work ethic and even decreasing attendance among the students. We hope, as pupils, that this gesture is enough to help change your perspective. Please please reconsider the changes you are making. Thank you- from a Year 9 student at The Blue School.

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