The BBC must publicly explain their actions against pro-independence online publications.

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The actions of the BBC in abusing copyright affects all of us, not just supporters of Scottish independence. The fair use of copyright means that clips of video footage can be used for news-reporting and discussion purposes. The BBC, by its actions of having the You Tube channels of Wings Over Scotland and Peter Curran shut down, is interfering with the rights of all of us regarding free speech. The BBC is also clearly supporting one side of the constitutional debate as it has taken action against pro-independence supporters while allowing pro-union supporters to use clips from its programmes unhindered. This is totally unacceptable behaviour from a state broadcaster, paid for by the public, which has a duty to act with impartiality. 

The BBC must explain why it has effectively ignored the rules regarding fair use of copyright, adopted a partisan position with regard to a major constitutional issue, and overridden its obligation to act with impartiality.

In a democracy none of us must accept a public state broadcaster behaving in a manner that is clearly politically motivated.