Keep Bus Fare at $2.00

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Bus Fare being raised to $3.50 would be challenging for persons in Barbados. Some individuals have to catch 2-4 buses a day just to get to their final destination whether to school or work. Secondly, unemployment rates have increased within the past months due to workers being sent home how are those persons suppose to deal with this.Workers are barely being paid minimum wage can hardly even pay their bills or buy groceries who is to say they will be able to afford $3.50 bus fare. I know the argument "if people could afford expensive things they can afford it" will arise but we don't know how they are obtaining these things. To raise bus fare person's salaries and wages will need to be raised.

The citizens of Barbados can continue to pay $2, in addition to this school children could have been made to pay at least a $1 on public transport or bring back the weekly scholar pass they used so they could travel free on the bus,pensioners who are still working, as someone said "they could be paying 50 cents". Yes I know bus fare hasn’t been raise over the last 30 years but i believe adapting to $3.50 is going to be hard. Furthermore persons have to pay $3.50 and have to wait 2-3 hours waiting for a transport board bus and PSV owners will now want more money for the leases when it goes up.If the plastics band date could be pushed i think the bus fare raising date could be pushed back a bit too.