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For several years the Rand Memorial Hospital in Freeport has been plagued with the problem of insufficient beds for its patients. Sick, weak, painful, Bahamian citizens come to the A&E dept for medical care and in many cases need to be admitted to the ward for medical supervision. Unfortunately, they are often told that there are insufficient beds and as a result are subjected to being confined to the Emergency Room. This has no restroom facilities and is not able to provide proper medical attention from the Doctors and Nurses as they are swamped dealing with the incoming Emergency patients coming in by Ambulance. To make matters worse, when those beds run out then patients are given a CHAIR! That's right, you are gravely ill, or weak, or painful,,or need an IV and you have to actually sit in a chair for 10,24,48 hours or even longer. This is unacceptable and inhumane and we have all been victims ourselves or have family and friends who have been victims of the "NO BEDS" fiasco. I have been a victim myself and it was a horrifying experience.Please, lets provide the BASIC necessity for our people. Respectable and Comfortable healthcare. Join me as we implore the powers that be to rectify this problem immediately!