Nickname the Aussie $100 note the "Boonie"

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In Australia, the slang term for a $20 note is a "Lobster" because it's red, the $50 is a Pineapple, because it's yellow.  They're great uses of slang to describe our unique currency but the big daddy of them all, the $100 note is nameless apart from some calling it a "Granny Smith" and let's be serious, our largest currency shouldn't be named after a sour apple noone ever sees outside of a pie.

So, here's a riddle.  What's green and yellow, makes a 100 every time, and has a great moustache on it?  That's right - David Boon, just like the $100 note!

We therefore propose the nickname for the $100 note be, a "Boonie".  Imagine using sentences like, "she paid me with two Lobsters and a Boonie", or "he's loaded, check out that fistful of Boonies".

If you want to make the most significant change in Australia since the $2 coin, sign this petition to convince the Australian people that 2 x 50 = Boonie!