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This petition of undersigned citizens of Australia seeks the urgent attention from the above mentioned parties who claim responsibility over finances, education and training, public health, the environment, animal welfare and how the business of animal agriculture is conducted. The reason why this petition addresses all the included government decision makers at once is because these issues are strongly correlated.

Members of the public have collected evidence that represents the nature of business involving animals that are commodified and therefore auctioned off to other businesses from Saleyards. The reason why Saleyards are made an example of the issues presented in this petition is because this is where humans cement the commodifying of animals to the public. Saleyards are the middle man that boastfully puts a price on an animals’ back.

We present an example via a video ( ) of what is generally expected of the industry such as at a Saleyard. Where animals can be seen not only alive and curious, but also distressed, lame, unresponsive, dead and emaciated from Saleyards such as Pakenham Saleyard (VLE), Ballarat Saleyard and Shepparton Saleyard in Victoria. However we have reason to believe, it’s not limited to the state of Victoria.

When commodifying and exploiting animals, animal cruelty and suffering has always been unavoidable and will always be for as long as this industry exists, an industry that can’t exist without exploiting and commodifying animals. It is evident how the practice of animal agricultural businesses are not sustainable or morally acceptable when dealing with living- sentient beings who experience pain and complex emotions, as scientifically proven.

Therefore, the issue doesn’t lie with the mere slaughter or the sheer cruelty animals receive, but rather the actual exploitation and commodification instead. Once we remove these variables we won’t have the rest, we won’t have the cruelty and we won’t have the slaughter. We also won’t have a bleak future, in terms of our health and the environment.


  • In order to significantly minimise harm of trillions more animals, the damage to our environment and to our own health; we the petitioners urge the government to cease any funding, levies and subsidies aiding the promotion of animal agriculture. Rather similar to the tax on tobacco, we urge for the government to put a significant tax on the retail price (or possibly cost price) of the animal products. We expect this will help combat animal cruelty, aid our environment and reduce the demand and consumption of animals and by- products and could lead to healthier and kinder alternatives further explored below.
  • Instead, we urge the government to redirect the funding towards farm practices that grow foods made from plants such; vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds instead – whole food items recommended by world health experts to be the bulk of our diet, by leading environmental scientists to be the sustainable option and by our own conscience to be the moral choice of consumption. We expect this will ultimately reduce costs for the consumers and help these farmers to grow and supply quality and nutrient dense food.

In addition, we urge:

  • For the government to enforce a school program with subjects that will allow students to learn about the impact of animal agriculture on our health, the environment and animal ethics without propaganda instilled by animal agriculture that aim to gain further popularity and make further profit through the workforce and consumption. I.e.; “Hens give us eggs” and “cows give us milk”. Also, for students to learn more about the sustainable and healthier alternatives that don’t focus on exploiting and commodifying animals.
  • For the government to put a stop to the use of propaganda that involves “happy slogans” with “happy cows and happy chickens” on packaging and ads, but instead put warnings of realistic images and scenarios of the conditions that these animals face from the farms (dairy, eggs, winter lamb breeding and etc.) and abattoirs. In addition, for health warnings and environmental warnings to be placed on packaging as well (similar to the tobacco health warnings on packages).

We understand that the government will take our requests as seriously as those who have a concern for general public health, the future of the earth and generations to come. We also expect the government to take the exploitation that inevitably causes the suffering of these animals seriously, as it has been proven multiple times over that their suffering is only in vain.

Kindest regards,

Animal Activists Australia


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