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Make Raw Milk Legal for Human Consumption

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As consumers, we, not the government, have the right to decide what products we can buy and consume. Especially when those products (raw milk) are legally consumed in vast amounts in a multitude of other countries around the globe (most European countries, some states in the US, Asia, and South America). There is a body of research that supports the health benefits of raw milk and people in Europe and everywhere else are not dying because of drinking it. On the contrary they are thriving. In fact, in Europe it is widely available in vending machines and supermarkets that have taps to fill your own bottles. And yet no one is dying.

In Australia raw milk is sold as bath milk and not for human consumption. This means it is unregulated and can be unsafe as there are no standards holding anyone accountable.  We need this legislation to change so that the industry can be properly managed. Consumers need to have the freedom to decide what choices they make in support of their health. 

If the government says, which it does through current legislation, that it is the right of the consumer to smoke or not, how can they then say it is NOT the right of the consumer to purchase and consume raw milk?  Could this hypocrisy be due to the amount of money the government makes from Big Tobacco? Does this then make them a good regulator of what is considered right or wrong for our health?

Please sign this petition because our consumer rights are in jeopardy. I don't want a society where the government dictates to me what milk I can or cannot drink. What will be next?  Water, oh that's right they have already decided that we must all drink fluoride. 

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