Criminal Charges Malaysian CID Chief For Alleged “Dirty Funds” deposited in Australia

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Corruption in Malaysia is endemic and systemic. It is found at all levels of government. PDRM, it's Police Force is no exception. The public no longer have confidence in PDRM's ability to maintain public order, prevent and detect crime, protect the life, liberty and the property of the people. 

Recently, The Australian Authorities seized RM1 million from the Australian Bank Account of the Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Malaysia, Commissioner Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd, on the grounds that the money are the proceeds of acts of money laundering and/or are deposits arising from criminal activities not limiting to corruption.

Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd has declared publicly he is not going to recover the money in this frozen account because of “hefty legal fees”.This alone is justification to believe that this is indeed money that is “not clean”.

There have been other  instance of Malaysian public officials involve in qustionable activities in Australia involving the purchase of properties at inflated value in order to make hefty personal financial gains from the resale of these properties to Government Statutory bodies  at the expense of the Malaysian Public those money were used to purchase these buildings. Here are two examples : 

The building addressed at 746, Swanston Street, Melbourne involving Raine & Horne Australia, MARA Malaysia and corrupt officials including one Mohamad Lan Allani ( The Sydney Morning Herald dated 27 January 2018 ) in which $20 million was made by corrupt Malaysians Officials

Dudley House in Caufield East, Melbourne. The very same politically linked person, one Mohamad Lan Allani is involved. ( The Age dated 23 June 2015 ) in which $5 million was made by corrupt Malaysians officials.

We urged the Australian Government to take the appropriate action against this Malaysian CID Chief and any other questionable transactions involving Malaysians Public Officals for the following reasons :

1. To send a message to all that Australia is not a destination for money laundering or a destination to send illegally gained corrupted money from anywhere in the world.

2. To ensure the Malaysian Public that Australia will assist them in their fight against corruption in Malaysia.

On a personal note, my late Father was once Director of CID in Malaysia many years ago when the Police Force in Malaysia was a respected Force committed to maintain public order, prevent and detect crime and protect the life, liberty and the property of Malaysian. I am one of the many Malaysians who want the Police Force in Malaysia to have officers, at all levels, whom we can trust to do their duty to King, Country and its People. This is one of the ways that we can begin to achieve that end.