Stop Australia from Being Such A Nanny State- Review Stupid Laws

Stop Australia from Being Such A Nanny State- Review Stupid Laws

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Started by Cityrailsaints --

Firstly, before we get started, I'm not talking about 150 year old obsolete laws that are unenforceable. I am talking about non-obsolete enforceable laws, so before you go on about "oh, but it's illegal to change a light bulb, but no one cares if you do", those aren't the kinds of laws I'm referring to. Those kinds of laws are obsolete and unenforceable. I am talking about enforceable laws

This petition applies to EVERY state and territory within the Commonwealth of Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland, Nothern Territorry, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay Territory, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Norfolk Island, Ashmore (Cartier) Islands, Christmas Island, Australian Antarctic Territory, Coral Sea Islands and Heard/McDonalds Islands at state/territory level and federally

Please note, this petition is NOT related to matters concerning Covid-19. This petition is unassociated with matters including face masks, vaccinations, lockdowns, etc. This is about non-Covid related nanny state laws. Whether support or oppose Covid-19 restrictions including lockdowns, masks and vaccinations is irrelevant to this particular petition. There are plenty of petitions about Covid-19 restrictions, including masks and vaccines. This is not one of them. 

So, in my opinion, Australia is one of the world's worst nanny states

Some examples include:
In NSW it's a crime to posses a laser pointer outside of your home. More so than anywhere else in Australia or anywhere else in the world. In Victoria, you can get fined for driving at 102km/h in a 100 zone. In Queensland, you can get fined for drinking water behind the steering wheel. This is considered a stupid law by world standards. in Western Australia, it is illegal for an adult to consume alcohol in a car (even though they're otherwise allowed to consume alcohol). This doesn't even make any sense. You can drink anywhere in the state, unless you happen to be sitting in a car without the intention of driving. Most DIY which is legal overseas is illegal in Australia. In most countries around the world, including NZ (which has the same electric system as us) it's perfectly legal to change a faulty light switch. Guess which one has outlawed it… and the list goes on

In Tasmania, it's illegal to use your phone to navigate whilst driving. This means that small businesses (such as mine) who rely on specific phone apps for navigation can't operate in Tasmania. My own small business is illegal in Tasmania. That's the level of ridiculousness we're dealing with

No body is advocating that people should be allowed to rewire their own homes, but if the government can't distinguish between fixing a faulty light switch and rewiring one's home, then we have a serious problem.

The thing is, it's a slippery slope. Today something might be legal, tomorrow, it might be illegal. Just because what you wanna do is legal now, doesn't necessarily mean it will be in the future. I mean what's next to be banned? Christmas trees? All they do is serve as a decoration and yet they could fall and crush a small child. Desktop computers? A laptop does everything that a desktop does, but is less able to be used as a projectile. Stereos? Why not ban stereos over 15dB considering that laser pointers are banned in public, after all, it is possible to use a laser pointer without disturbing anybody, it's impossible to use a ridiculously loud stereo without annoying your neighbours and/or damaging your hearing

However, Australia is only a nanny state when it suites the government, leading me to believe that this is due to either lazy legislation and/or corruption. When it doesn't the suite the government, Australia is an anti-nanny state
For example, outside of Eastern Sydney, it's virtually impossible to find soap in public toilets in NSW, undertaking is illegal in most countries as it's deemed dangerous, however it's perfectly legal in Australia, as the way Australian roads are designed, it's impossible to prohibit undertaking. If Australia were to prohibit undertaking, we would really need to redesign the roads, etc. I'm not advocating for undertaking to be made illegal, but it is an example of double standards applied to citizens but not government

There are some nanny state laws which are, in my opinion, reasonable such as mandatory seat belts. However, there needs to be a line between mandatory seat belts and banning Christmas trees. I don't know where to draw the line, but in my opinion, Australia has not only crossed it, but we've gone so far, the line is now a distant memory, soon to be forgotten

So why is this a problem in my opinion:
1. It takes away our freedoms

2. It makes us stupider

3. If Aboriginals weren't already over-governed by the post-colonial government, this provides more over-governance when they should have more autonomy

4. It's stifles innovation- people who can't do things can't invent things, as it's illegal for people to do their own inventing. The NSW government wants more technology to be developed in the state, but I don't see how that's gonna happen, considering that you're not allowed to do stuff that would allow you to invent something. Considering that way too many things are illegal in Australia, is it any wonder that Australians go overseas to become innovators, where things are freer and less regulated?

5. It's ridiculous. It's unjust for someone to get sent to prison for mere possession of a laser pointer. If people should get sent to jail, it should be for serious crimes, not ridiculous things such as that. Jail ruins a person's life, so sentences shouldn't be handed out for ridiculous things. It's also a waste of police resources

Australia has a lot of laws which are utterly stupid, and it's time to stop putting up with it. Signing this petition is the first step in no longer putting up with it. Make your voice heard for an Australia free from stupid laws. The question is not whether or not we should obey the law. We should absolutely obey the law. The question is whether or not these laws are stupid, which, in my opinion, they are. 

In the part of Sydney where I, the author of the petition live, there are hoons who will hoon in school zones and not enough police in the area to do anything about it. This means that we live in a society where you're orders of magnitude more likely to be fined for driving at 105 in a 100 zone than what you are for driving at 120 in a school zone. This is just one of the many, many kinds of nonsense I am hoping to bring an end to through this petition.

What does this petition hope to achieve;

1.  The end of passing further nanny state legislation

2. Review and/or repealmeant of any existing over-zealous nanny state laws

Sign this petition to let our politicians know that we, the voters, are sick of this nonsense

Now that we've passed 1,000 signitures, it's time to take the OPTIONAL next step. I can stress enough that this is OPTIONAL. Taking the 5 seconds required to sign this petition is MORE THAN ENOUGH and am eternally greatful for it. However, if you want to (and remember, this is optional), if you want to take the next step, feel free to contact your local state/territory AND/OR federal MP and tell them about this petition. As a federal election is coming up, hopefully some of them will take heed to it. Also, if anyone has friends or family in the media, letting them know about this petition wouldn't go.astray.  Remember, this is the OPTIONAL next step, and taking the few seconds necassery to sign this petition is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

3,237 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!