Digitalising and uniting the Australian Equine Industry

Digitalising and uniting the Australian Equine Industry

1 March 2021
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The Australian Equine Industry
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Why this petition matters

Started by equiprove

In Australia, we have inadequate visibility of our equine industry!

We cannot easily store or locate data about horses, people, events and venues - data that is verified, secure and protected.

We struggle to share information with those we want to show it to, and we often can’t trust the information we are given.

Why is it that as a grassroots sport and multi-billion dollar industry we are rarely recognised for our contribution to the economy, or promoted as a high participation activity and continually miss out on sporting promotion & investment?

We should be attracting larger audiences to follow our industry.

Why is it that our industry is often viewed negatively by the public?

We agree with public accountability and accept we have little transparency of horse life events and their welfare.

We know, that whilst most horse owners spend an enormous amount of time and money on care and participation, for some their welfare is at risk.

Why are we still inadequately equipped to mobilise and respond to a catastrophic event?

We should be able to act in a timely manner to events that cause irreparable harm to our horses and the industry.

equiprove® is founded by Australians and is designed for our equine industry.

We will be the leader in connecting real-time equine data, creating digital profiles that are accessible and link horses, riders, events and venues.

Anytime. Anywhere.

We have industry engagement and investor attention for an initial capital raise of $3 million BUT we need your support to show the equine community is behind us to make equiprove® a reality.



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Signatures: 53Next goal: 100
Support now