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Help correct an appalling miscarriage of justice

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.Please Help Rectify An Appalling Miscarriage Of Justice

The South Australian Government has refused to recommend a posthumous pardon for a man hanged by the state for a murder he did not commit.

Relatives of Raymond Bailey bear the stigma that comes with his conviction for murder after three people were killed in outback South Australia in 1957 – the notorious Sundown Murders.

In 2013 I presented the government with overwhelming evidence that Bailey could not have been the killer, including the fact that his shoe size did not match footprints left at the scene of the murders and that an alleged confession – obtained by a corrupt detective proven to have committed perjury in other cases – bore no resemblance to what happened.

It refused to recommend that the South Australian Governor should grant a pardon and refused to state why it had reached this decision. FOI requests have been fruitless.

In the UK after a 40-year campaign it took public pressure to gain a posthumous pardon for a man hanged in 1953 for a murder committed by an accomplice – the Derek Bentley case.

The case for a posthumous pardon for Raymond Bailey can be found via this link:

Please join Mike Ahern and Peter Beattie, former Queensland Premiers from different sides of politics, in signing the petition requesting the South Australian Government to re-examine this conclusive evidence and recommend to the Governor that a posthumous pardon be granted to Raymond Bailey.


This petition urges the Attorney-General of South Australia, the Hon John Rau, 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, to re-examine evidence demonstrating that Raymond John Bailey was innocent of the murder of Thyra Bowman in December 1957 and to recommend to the Governor of South Australia that a posthumous pardon should be granted.



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