Convince The Asylum to officially name the kaiju from Atlantic Rim "Jimbo"

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Atlantic Rim is a film produced by The Asylum, a company most notable for their wide array of independant, low budget action and horror films, the most famous of which is the Sharknado series.

To coincide with the release of the 2013 movie Pacific Rim, The Asylum released the Sci-fi action film, Atlantic Rim. While the film was made on a rather low budget and went mostly ignored or unnoticed by kaiju fans, the film is notable for featuring a unique, Baryonyx-like monster that lays waste to the Atlantic coast.

However, this kaiju currently lacks an official title. Sure, the kaiju has a great design, but it lacks a memorable name. Most famous movie monsters have a unique and/or memorable name, examples including Godzilla, Ghidorah, King Kong, Zetton, Baltan, Bemular, Mothra, Otachi, and Gamera. 

I feel as though the Atlantic Rim kaiju will never get the recognition it deserves due to the lack of a catchy, memorable name. As a result, I have proposed the name "Jimbo" to be his offical title. 

By signing this petition, you are supporting the kaiju community by helping this unique monster obtain an official title. If/when this petition gets enough signatures, the request to name the monster Jimbo will be sent to The Asylum, where they will make the final decision. 

Please, show your love to Jimbo and sign the petition!