Automatic citizenship for African Decendents of Slavery.

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Automatic Citizenship For African Desendants of Slavery


Bla Xit are calling on you for your support to enable African Descendants that intend to repatriate or those that have repatriated to an African nation of their choice, to be able to aquire Automatic Citizenship. This is urgent and necessary as a result of the forced enslavement of our ancestors during 400 years of Chattel Slavery. Coupled with genocide and years of colonisation, neocolonialism, racist abuse,discrimination and police brutality. Unjust and unfair treatment of black people  in hostile environments. All of which has led to a mass exodus Bla Xit from the West back to Africa. We are appealing for African Governments to adjust existing laws and constitutions to enable a  smooth and seamless transition for African Descendants to come home from the Diaspora. Many obstacles and blockages do not serve African Descendants including arbitrary land laws prohibiting land ownership and lengthy periods of time before Naturalisation can be applied for. These serve as deterrents and barriers to entry and investment . Also this creates resentment and division as African Descendants are not afforded a dispensation and are treated the same as  Colonial entities. We have devised a proposal of Automatic Citizenship that will be of benefit to all stakeholders. Please read our proposal below and sign if you support our Petition  Automatic Citizenship for African Descendants.


Bla Xit family is an online resource platform based in The Republic of the Gambia. Our platform supports reparations & repatriation back  to Africa for African Descendants. With 39,000 family members and over 2 million views world wide, we have successfully managed to attract hundreds of visitors to the Gambia where we are now residents, we have built our home and attracted inward investments of millions of Dalasis from within the Bla Xit family. The National Assembly of The Gambia will be considering the issue of Citizenship in August 2020. We need your help!  By signing the petition you are providing us with vital evidence that Auomatic Citizenship is important to you and that adaptation and adoption into the new constitution will be wholly beneficial. 


Automatic Citizenship is an option that gives full or partial citizenship to a person of African descent who ordinarily would not be offered it because of Slavery. It consists of a three-step process and is applicable to Repatriates who will be seeking permanent residency in an African country of their choice. None of these changes are drastic or costly. They are very simple changes that can have a massive impact on the continent and also aid the future growth of the global African community

Three Step Process
Step 1
When a repatriate of African decent arrives at the Airport, they are given a certificate of citizenship stamp in their passport and a warm welcome home. This will enable people from the diaspora of African Descent to be exempt from clause 260/261 contained in the draft Constitution of the Republic of the Gambia.
This Certification is part of a two-step process and a partial citizenship that will give added security measures for all. Repatriates will also be governed by the laws of the Country and will be subject to the Constitution.

Step 2
When applying for residency, work and business permits, we are appealing for the replacement of the Alien card (which is hostile) with a Certificate of Citizenship (because words matter and rejection hurts). As a part of this process there will be a cultural and societal integration programme.

Another part of the process is an adoption of African Descendants into host families

where there is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Where values, moral’s, cultural and societal norms such as respect are embraced and learnt. Skills are swapped and support is given to the host family making it a mutually beneficial experience.
Language courses will be engaged in by African Descendants in order to have a good grasp of communication at a local level thereby enabling a smoother transition into the country. 

Step 3
After 2 years of continuous residence and completion of the course, an application can be made for full citizenship. This can be processed within 6 months. A voluntary donation is given to a development fund to assist with the continuous support for the host nation.

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