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Remove the mods of /r/holocaust and related communities on grounds of promoting fringe Holocaust Denial, racism and squatting on domains to stifle activity and discussion.

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We ask that the control of certain subreddits is released  from the current moderators. The moderators abuse reddit's subreddit system to control several thematically related subreddits to promote their own fringe views and stifle other discussion.


It has recently been discovered that a large number of subreddits on this site, most notably /r/holocaust, but also /r/shoah, /r/theholocaust, /r/IDF, /r/jewishstudies, and /r/mossad, are under the control of a small subset of users who express views that include Holocaust denial, white supremacy, and anti-Semitism. While we are understanding of the fact that Reddit admins prefer to take a generally hands-off approach to subreddit content as long as it breaks no laws, we would hope that you can also see the problem with this situation. General interest subreddits, which would normally feature a wide range of content and opinions, are being hoarded by users who either allow them to remain dead, or use them to promote their personal fringe, extremist views and to prevent others from using the subreddit.


“Front page of the internet” visitors looking for education or new interest-based communities will be confronted with misleading or disturbing information, which may even be considered hate speech. For such visitors, these subs are the first face of Reddit. These mods have acquired control over such a large number of subs that they have disproportionate power over Reddit’s image and content. This will especially affect new users unaware of how to navigate Reddit’s subreddit system.


As such, we are petitioning Reddit to take action on this. Recent events have shown that the mods of the aforementioned subreddits have little interest in maintaining them - at least until an attempt was made to request control of /r/holocaust through official channels, at which point the formerly inactive mod turned up to object, and to delete all posts that had been made in the sub not in line with his philosophy. This is not an isolated problem. The same moderators have also abused the subreddit system by laying claim to a wide variety of subreddits in various other categories (, notably /r/Iran and /r/xkcd.


To be clear, we are not asking that these users be banned, or that hate-speech subreddits such as /r/whiterights or /r/White_Pride be closed down. We merely wish to see subreddits in major interest categories, such as /r/holocaust, /r/IDF and /r/shoah, not be allowed to fester in the hands of those who act in bad faith and game the system. Instead, the subreddits should serve everyone with a healthy and constructive interest in these topics. Please let Reddit work like it is meant to work, and facilitate free speech and open discussion.


Thank you for your time and consideration








and other users of /r/badhistory


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