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Classes in the Philippines have started in June of every year for as long as anyone in the country could remember. However, a few years ago, in 2015, some major universities in the capital have started shifting to a different calendar, wherein classes start in August and end in May, prompting other schools and even lower levels of education to shift theirs, too.

Aside from aligning our academic calendar with other countries, particularly in the ASEAN region, thus promoting the exchange of students and learning from each other.

Although this would have students study and attend classes in the hottest months of the year, this shift would also be able to keep them healthier in the months of June and July as during these times, different kinds of illnesses break out, such as the common cold, flu and dengue.

If the youth stay at home in these months, then they will less likely be exposed to the different carriers of the illnesses. June and July are among the months when rain is expected to fall hard.

Additionally, the semester break can be combined with the holiday breaks for a longer, more consistent break only once an academic year.

Having already implemented a 12-year basic education curriculum, the transition for the Philippines to follow the academic calendars of its neighboring countries will be inevitable and may one day happen, seeing the effects of globalization across the globe.

Others who have adjusted their academic calendars have seen an increase in inbound students from other countries, too. Davao Chong Hua High School will only benefit from both the student population increase and the spare time of four months this transition will provide. It can prepare for better education in that period.

It’s a good time now because it can be merged with the transition for Grade 12 and thus a less difficult adjustment process.

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