Let Noah Paape Go To Prosper High School Shoeless

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Noah Paape has gone shoeless for the past 3 months. Until now, the administration at Prosper High School has said that there is a problem with it. It started because Noah has been hearing people talk about how expensive their shoes are. Kids bragging about their five hundred dollar shoes and acting like they are the coolest kids in school. Noah looks around and hates the idea of boasting about money, so he does the complete opposite and wears no shoes. After a few days and much research, Noah realizes the benefit of a shoeless life. Going shoeless actually decreases depression and stress by 62 percent! Noah discovers that this is actually very true. You become self aware of your surroundings. Instead of taking life for granted, you look around at the floor and everywhere around you. It reduces inflammation in your joints, because God created us with muscles and joints to live, walk and run without shoes. We become dependent on these shoes and it ruins our feet by creating inflamed joints. Have you ever been on a long walk and your feet start to hurt and your friend says it's because you are wearing bad shoes? No! It's because you have started wearing shoes in the first place! Noah is the most clumsy person he knows, and going barefoot actually increases balance. Your body's blood flow increases, which creates a better heart, and we all need a healthy heart to survive an eventful life. Barefoot walking releases endorphins, which makes you an overall happier person. The earth naturally gives off a negative ionic charge, and going barefoot is proven to detoxify, calm yourself, and synchronize your hormonal cycle. Instead of judging Noah because he is different than everyone else, help promote individualism and open mindedness. Thank you.