Remove Chris Caggiano from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

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Year after year, Chris Caggiano runs a racist classroom. His use of racial slurs and derogatory language, and his tokenization and blatant disrespect of students of color must not be tolerated by the administration of The Boston Conservatory. After years upon years’ worth of reports, he has been given countless new chances, has been counseled, has undergone training courses, and his unacceptable and harmful behavior has not changed. Multiple students of color over the years have continuously tried to call out his behavior and educate him from within the classroom as well, but they were either met with aggression and pushback, or a full dismissal of the topic. Not only does Chris Caggiano racially gaslight students of color into silence, he also contributes to the culture of institutionalized racism at BoCo by setting an example for our first years (who are often white and from great privilege) that is far from appropriate. The students and alumni of The Boston Conservatory demand that he be removed from the institution permanently.