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Reverse the ACT Strata Rates Calculation

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This petition of certain residents of the Australian Capital Territory draws to the attention of the Assembly that, in 2017/18, the ACT Government unfairly restructured the methodology applied to determine Rates and Land Tax for strata residences generating an additional increase in each residence’s rates of up to $940 pa above the overall rate increase while the Average Unimproved Value (AUV) portion of Land Taxes have increased by as much as 170%. Such action was taken by this Government:

  1. Without a mandate to make this change to the method of determining strata residences’ Rates and Land Taxes;
  2. Without recognition of the savings in garbage collection and roads, footpaths and nature strips infrastructure which the government enjoys because of the higher density and therefore more efficient use of such infrastructure generated by strata residents;
  3. Without appreciation of the conflict this policy causes with the critical ACT Planning Strategies of creating “a more compact, efficient city by focusing urban intensification in town centres, around group centres and along major public transport routes” and to “provide more cost effective and sustainable living options”;
  4. Without analysis of the negative impact on those wanting to become homeowners and those existing homeowners Contemplating downsizing especially from houses to strata residences; and
  5. Without a full appreciation of the flow on upward pressure this policy will have on all residential rents in the ACT.

Your petitioners therefore request the Assembly to require the Government to return to the methodology for determining Rates and Land Tax which applied for strata residences until 2016/17 whereby every individual residential property is entitled to receive the full entitlement to the sliding scale of Rate and Land Tax calculations in determining their individual charges.

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