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Allow an Emotional Support Animal in the Phi Mu House

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Hi Guys! I have recently been accepted to receive an Emotional Support Animal for the upcoming Fall 2017 school year. These animals are viewed as medical equipment, the same as a wheelchair, and are NOT considered pets. According to CNU's policy of the housing of ESA's, "some restrictions on University housing may apply for individuals with an ESA. These restrictions are based on structural limitations, weight guidelines, and size of dwelling units." After talking to the Assistant Dean of Students, I was told I would have to live in CNU crossing, because that is where all ESA's must live. Legally, unless the animal causes "undue financial burden on the landlord or causes a fundamental alteration from the premises," CNU can not discriminate and stop me from living in the same place as non-medically equipped upper classmen. I do, however, know the difference between what is legally right and what is morally right, which is why I created this petition. If you all, as sisters of Phi Mu, would be accepting of an ESA in the house, under the complete care and responsibility of me, Lily Turner, and me alone, please sign this petition. I am looking forward to living in the house and being surrounded by the love and support of my sisters, but I do need a little bit of extra help which will (hopefully) come in the form of a dog. Please text me or Facebook message me with any concerns or if you can not sign the petition. 

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