A second referendum on Brexit

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What is the issue?
A referendum took place in the UK, on the 23rd of June 2016, that allowed people to vote on whether they wanted to stay in the EU or not. By a difference of 2%, citizens in the UK voted to leave the EU, causing quite a controversy.

This is an issue because it affects many citizens within the UK and Europe directly, affecting almost 3 million people either living in the UK through the EU or living in other European countries. People have to complete mountains of stressful paperwork just to stay in their rightly earned homes and jobs. Experts are saying that the British Sterling will hit an all-time low after Article 50 is proceeded with.

Another issue is the trade that will be lost between other European countries and no tax that came with it. Britain has to pay an exit fee of roughly £60 billion, and doesn’t earn any of it back through trade because we will have left. Also 53.2% of our imports come from the EU. This means Britain may be low on resources due us being cut off from the European trade market.

We have chosen to try to get a second referendum to happen, to see if people’s minds may have changed and might this time vote to stay in the European Union. We would like to enlighten people on the issues that would be caused by leaving the EU. Many people are unaware of the massive knock-on effects and issues that will be caused by leaving the European Union.