Do NOT change Latimer Road to Grenfell Station.

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I believe I speak for many Notting Dale locals and hope that we can collectively stop this ridiculous, inappropriate, wasteful, unnecessary and tasteless idea.

 Here is the Evening Standard article that I refer to to. It claims that "residents" have requested the change and it will be "a fitting memorial"

We have to look at the blackened shell of Grenfell Tower every single day. We have no choice as we live here. It will only encourage sick and ghoulish tourists and this is very upsetting for us locals. I reckon at least 95% feel that a memorial garden and if possible some social housing is appropriate and we would like Grenfell Tower demolished as quickly as possible so that KAA can go back to their school and we don't have a constant reminder of that terrible night constantly looming over us and we can move on, get on with our lives, and visit a nice memorial garden to quietly reflect when we and the friends and families affected want to. This is a much more appropriate tribute and what the majority want. 

 Please sign to agree what I have seen on facebook and elsewhere on many posts. We do NOT want the name Latimer Road changed. There are much better ways to remember those that lost their lives.